onsdag 30 november 2016

Grænavatn och Austurengjahver


 Just a few kilometers south of the Geothermal area Seltún at Krísuvík is a small lake, Grænavatn (Greenlake). The lake is a volcanic crater that got its name from its unusual green color. The color is due to a high level of sulphur in the water and its depth.

Nedlagd kosseladugård på andra sidan

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Ledmarkering fanns. 1,6 km från P

The thermal area of Austurengjar extends from east of Lake Grænavatn to Lake Kleifarvatn in the north. Hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles are scattered sparsely over the area. The largest and most powerful hot spring, called Austurengjahver

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